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March 2009

Meet and Greet with My Surgeon

I met with my surgeon today. Actually, a student examined me first, I wasn’t impressed…that’s all I needed to find out I had breast cancer and then a student tells me she’s examining me. Fortunately the doctor comes in and …

Just to Check… I Have Cancer?

Cake From GaryI have so many questions. When the doctor called me back today I told her I wanted her to book an appointment with the surgeon for me. I asked her once more “So.. I have cancer?” She made it sound …

How I found out I had Cancer

My dad is driving me to my brother’s house. My phone rings, it’s the doctor from the breast clinic. I answer the phone and our conversation goes like this:
“Hello is this Sylvia Soo?”
“Yes it is.”
“I have the

Biopsies are NOT Fun

I still haven’t told many people about my mysterious lump. I sit in the waiting room at the breast clinic. I’m definitely the youngest person here. The next youngest person must be at least hitting forty. I sigh.

When it’s …

My Lump, My Lump, My Not So Lovely Lump

It was June 2008 when I found the lump. I was taking off my bra and I noticed the bump on my left breast. I remember thinking “that definitely wasn’t there before.” I felt a little pitter in my heart, …