Post Chemo Day 11-Goodbye, So Long Hair

Dior MakeupHorrific.

I knew it would come… or perhaps I thought that I JUST might be the exception, and rather than losing my hair, I’d be like “I can’t believe I cut my hair and it didn’t fall out!”

I’m not sure how to describe the feeling of losing one’s hair, losing one’s hair from chemo that is… I wonder if the balding man can apathize, but I think it might be a little different. Maybe the young, balding man can apathize…but it’s not the same!
Even though I’ve been expecting it, I guess I can express the emotion as a bit terrifying. I’ll run my hands through my hair and it’s as if my little roots have lost their zest for life and easily detach from my head. Oh how easily they have given up!

So I sit on my chair, having completed my Chemo Video, with a ball of hair beside me from running my hands through my hair. It’s not huge clumps right now, it’s just that every time I run my hands through my hair three to five strands come out.

It was expected…I keep reminding myself.
My mind still can’t wrap itself around what’s going on. Refuses to believe it, and it’s as if my hands are in a fight with my brain, trying to prove that no it’s not normal hair loss.
I think it’s time for a pixie cut soon, and then I can find out how I look bald.