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November 2009

Rethink Presents Canada’s Only Breast Film Festival

Maria & Sylvia at Breast FestLast weekend I travelled to Toronto, to attend Toronto’s Breast Film Festival. Rethink was generous enough to provide bursaries for a handful of survivors to fly down and attend. Meeting these ladies, another pleasure.

The weekend was a busy one,

Cancer Free and Tamoxifen

tamoxifenToday I went to see my nurse at the Cross Cancer for my Tamoxifen Consultation. I have to take tamoxifen for five years because my tumor was estrogen receptive (meaning it responded well to estrogen/had a estrogen receptor) So I …

Why I hate Lymphedema

lymphedema-wrappingMy arm hasn’t gone down in it’s swelling, so two days ago I went and got it “wrapped.” Putting many layers on the effected arm, causes the swelling to go down enough to have my arm fitted for a custom …