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September 2010

How to make Chicken, Avocado and Cranberry Salad

img_0727Salads are one of my favorite foods. Here’s one of my favorite salads that I make at home. You will need:

Organic (or not!) spring salad mix; half an organic granny smith apple, sliced with skin off; half an avocado;

One Year Scare

Sylvia Scared Face

I can’t speak for all cancer patients, but many of the ones that I have spoken to, have expressed how confused and abandoned they feel when they are discharged from their cancer centres.

You feel abandoned, because, in the months …

Why I feel Blessed

My candle-lit oasisI sit on my ledge, overlooking one of the main streets in my city. Candles are lit, music is playing softly. It’s 1:21am and I have been transcribing interviews (for the book I am writing) for the past five hours. …