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February 2011

Interview Series: Breast Cancer in Malaysia

Kinabalu Pink Ribbon is taking Sabah by storm. Officially launched October 31, 2010, the breast cancer organization has already raised close to $10, 000.

With over one hundred members, Kinabalu Pink Ribbon aims to educate the community and to provide …

The Sooflies in Asia-Destination Malaysia

Aaaw beautiful Malaysia we have arrived. Malaysia for us means visiting a lot of family, and eating a whole lot of good food. Although the food is so yummy I am trying to limit my portions so I don’t return …

The Happy Life

I need to clear the air in my brain, it’s 3:30am over here, I’ve been sending out emails regarding The Pink Tie Gala fundraiser I’m trying to plan, I’m tired, I’m feisty…and I have a plane to catch tomorrow.

Before …