Guest Blogger: Shay Sharpe of Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes

Last October, I had the honor of meeting my SCAR sister, Sylvia. She is as cool as she is beautiful. We traveled to Houston Texas, with the SCAR Project as our photos were part of an exhibit in a very upscale photo gallery. It is always nice to be around other breast cancer survivors my age, women who have the same age related issues. One of those issues that we often tackle is dating.
Shay Sharpe

Upon arriving home, I undressed and noticed that my nipple was missing.

Dating is a real challenge for some breast cancer survivors, especially those of us, who have undergone a mastectomy. How do you explain to your new potential partner, that you don’t have breasts? How long do you wait to tell them? Will my scars scare him away? Will he tell all his friends that I don’t have nipples? Better yet, will he tell his friends that my nipple fell off in his car…

After treatment, I avoided dating new men because I didn’t want to scare him away with “my” cancer. One day, after my many surgeries, I decided to take a guy up on his offer to take me on a date. I can’t remember the guy’s name or what we did on our date (thank you chemo brain), but I remember everything that happened afterwards. Upon arriving home, I undressed and noticed that my nipple was missing. Yes, my nipple! I was so afraid that my nipple was stuck on my dates’ (pretty off white) leather seat.  “Oh my God!” I thought. I can NEVER call this guy again! I had just had a surgery a few days prior, so the nipple (rolled up skin) was still sticky thanks to a little bloody residue. What is he gonna think that little brown sticky thing is in his seat? A raisenette?

I began tracing my steps in my house, in search of the missing nipple. I couldn’t find it! I was so stressed that I decided to take a bath. Upon stepping out of the tub, I grabbed my towel and voila! My missing nipple was stuck to my towel! What a relief! I have still never called the guy again! LOL. My life after cancer…

About the writer
Shay Sharpe is a sassy woman with a big heart. Madame President, as she calls herself, is the founder if SSPW (Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes). SSPW is a non-profit organization that grants wishes to young women who were diagnosed with terminal breast cancer before the age of 40. Sharpe herself, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. With over forty-two thousand followers on Instagram, SSPW is doing great things. For more information, visit SSPW.