Sylvia Soo


Photo by Scott Ramsay
Photo by Scott Ramsay

Designer, Advocate, Educator, and jet-setting Cancer Survivor.

Sylvia Soo, is an active participant in the not-for-profit sector. In addition to co-founding the non-profit organization, HOPE, she is a recognized face in the breast cancer world. Soo has participated in breast cancer campaigns around the world, and has been a guest speaker at various events. She is the author of Cancer Fabulous Diaries, which was published in collaboration with Rethink Breast Cancer (2014). Her writing has been published in major publications including Al Jazeera, The Star and the Korean Herald. A subject of two documentaries, I Don’t Have Time for This! and DayTime Emmy Award winning, Baring it All, Soo is not shy with sharing her story. Both documentaries have been aired across the world. Her short film, Dear Sister was awarded the 2012 Amazing Grace Award at the Toronto Breast Fest Film Festival.

After her second bout with cancer in May 2013, Soo decided to pursue her life long passions of art and design. Soo currently works as a visual artist and designer.


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