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Is Breast Cancer a Trauma?

Is Breast Cancer a Trauma?

Written by Naomi L. Baum, Ph.D.

From the moment I heard my cancer diagnosis, life as I had previously known it

abruptly ceased, and my new life began to unfold in front of me in …

Why I Chose Radiation and Declined Hormone Therapy

After completing six rounds of chemotherapy in 2009, I told myself I would never do chemotherapy again. It was a challenging (emotional and physical) journey that took a lot out of me. It took years to sort out. I think …

The 30 Day Challenge

Join The 30 Day Challenge

It’s time to kick one bad habit to the curb… cold turkey to the curb. It’s going to be drastic. It’s going to be hard. You might go through withdrawals. You may get cold sweats.